PostPord Terms Of Use

Kindly refer to these terms of use (Terms and Conditions) before availing online ordering and delivery services from this website. You accept these terms of use, when ordering food from PostPord by PC, mobile app or phone call.

Section 1: We "PostPord", a brand of, unless stated diffirently.
Section 2: Definitions

2.1. Agreement indicates the reference of privacy policy, order form and terms of use mutually agreed between customers and PostPord, when visitors order any product from this website.
2.2. Privacy Policy refers to the policies implemented by us on our website about how we collect users information and what we do with this data.
2.3. Customer(s) are referred as Yours, You and Your in our policies, agreement.
2.3. Customer(s) are referred as Yours, You and Your in our policies, agreement.
2.4. We introduce ourself as "WE, US, OUR and PostPord"
2.5. Food is termed for a variety of cuisines, recipes and eatables that have been displayed for your interest of online ordering and delivery.
2.6. Service or services is a reference to the service we offer at your request on our website.
2.7. Third party is the restaurant, store or café associated with us for preparing/delivering food.
2.8. Delivery relates to food you order online from our website. We also term delivery as our service, which is offered by our participating restaurants.
2.9. Website is referred as our website or mobile app, which we have introduced for convenient online ordering.

Section 3: Ordering

3.1. By ordering through our website, you consent to have a contract with the participating restaurants. For the delivery of food from PostPord, you agree to enter into a contract between you and us. As a valued customer, you have to be confidential when providing us your personal details and ensure the details are accurate. You also consent that the credit and debit card details provided are of your own and have sufficient balance for secure transaction.
3.2. The food ordered from PostPord is solely intended for your use. We display items on our website for your interest and don't appreciate its resale. We strictly prohibit resale and indulgence of agents for receiving the services.
3.3. We notify that several eatables may only be suitable for a particular age group. You must inspect about the product you wish to order, before making the transaction.
3.4. While ordering from PostPord, you might be asked to submit an email address and password. To avoid any inconvenience, do keep the password secured and never share it with the third party.
3.5. We will follow all safety measures for protecting your personal and payment details. In case of negligence, we wouldn't be liable for any fraud or access done by some third party by using your account.
3.6. Every order made by you depends on delivery capacity, product availability and approval by us and the associated restaurant. Once we receive your order, you will receive an email as a confirmation. If the automated confirmation is not received or has some technical problem, do contact us immediately. The confirmation mail has no guarantee that we or the restaurant/store will deliver your order. The online order is processed after checking its availability and delivery capacity.
3.7. In an event, when the demanded product/service is available ,we will receive a confirmation from the participating restaurant/store for accepting the contract. If the order details are genuine, the PostPord will confirm you the delivery by sending a text message.
3.8. For product and services provided by PostPord, we will confirm availability as well as its delivery.
3.9. The confirmation text message includes details about delivery, specified time, quantity and price as notified by the restaurant.
3.10. In case there is no delivery capacity or product is unavailable, we will notify you via text message or call.

Section 4: Prices and Payment

4.1. When placing an order online, you must ensure the your debit/credit card is functioning and has sufficient amount.
4.2. All the prices mentioned on the website have been approved by the partner restaurant, we update the discounted price after receiving confirmation from partners. At several occasions the rates may fluctuate as regarded by the restaurant/shop. We may also stop listing departmental stores, restaurants as we hold authority to maintain every sale activity at PostPord.
4.3. We update the prices on food as specified by the partner restaurant. These prices may vary from restaurant to restaurant. We may quote additional charges as VAT or delivery charges, if applicable.
4.4. Delivery prices as published by "we" or "PostPord" are assigned after contract with partner restaurant. We reserve the right to change the prices in the near future.
4.5. Total price and other charges for food delivery, will be displayed on our website when you make an order. Payment has to be done via debit/credit card on secured payment gateway or paid as cash when delivered to you.
4.6. Your debit/credit card details are kept confidential, when you choose to make online payment. To ensure safe transaction the credit card company cross check to confirm secured payment mode. If you plan to make payment online, you may first pay before the order is delivered.

Section 5: Delivery

5.1. Delivery time specified during online ordering is approximate and may change. We deliver the order at the address mentioned at the time of ordering.
5.2. If you choose direct delivery from the restaurant, then we are not responsible for safe delivery.
5.3. In the event the delivery is done by PostPord or its associate partner, we will take complete care to deliver order safely and within specified time.
5.4. We deliver customers order in neat, safe and clean packaging. We and the restaurant will take the best measures to deliver within the mentioned time. But, we are not liable for any loss caused to customer by late delivery. In case of late delivery, the restaurant must be contacted or contact us via email or telephone.
5.5. We don't provide refunds for late delivery.
5.6. All hazards in the food will pass to you upon delivery.
5.7. If you fail to accept the delivery of food when its ready for delivery, or PostPord is unable to deliver within the specified time constraint due to your inappropriate instruction or authorization, then such orders shall be regarded as delivered to you and its further responsibility hails with you.
5.8. We cater orders requested by you and deliver it to the mentioned address. Our duty is to safely deliver orders within the specified time. We are not liable for the delivered product once it is accepted by you and the payment is done.
5.9. Associated restaurants, who will prepare your order
      5.9.1. To deliver the product at the correct address mentioned by you.
      5.9.2. To deliver within the specified time.
      5.9.3. To inform you about the non-delivery issue.
5.10. Neither the participating restaurant, nor we are responsible for any liabilities, loss, charges or damages arising due to late delivery.
5.11. Kindly note that the delivery will not be made for some locations, which are far and out of delivery area. In such case, our partner restaurant/departmental store or we will inform you about the same and instruct to cancel the order.

Section 6: Cancellation

6.1. You need to notify the restaurant or us immediately if you wish to cancel your order. Once the order is prepared and the payment is done, then there are no chances for cancellation. In addition, we don't refund once the order has been dispatched.
6.2. The order may be cancelled, if the food product is unavailable. We will communicate the same to you via phone and email.
6.3. We would refund the full amount paid to us, if the order has been cancelled from the partner restaurant. The refund will be made within 14 days.
6.4. If you receive a wrong item, you are authorized to not accept the order and claim for refund. If the participating restaurant store proposes a replacement, you will be offered a similar product you ordered or will be notified about no availability of the product. PostPord is not responsible for wrong delivery.

Section 7: Information

7.1. You are liable to submit accurate information about you for placing an order online.
7.2. You approve us for accessing and using your personal information for meeting your interest of online food delivery. We may share the data with third parties or partners associated with us for catering your needs and requirements.
7.3. We may provide a copy of your personal information as per your request. Please contact us if you require personal data.

Section 8: For the convenience of our customers, we have included external links of third parties on our website. We do not guarantee about the quality of the products and services of such third parties. We request you to read the privacy policy and terms and condition of third parties, before using their products and services.

Section 9: We strictly acknowledge the complaints registered by customers "You". The complaints are processed within 5 working days. To submit a complaint, email us by visiting our contact us page.

Section 10: Limitation of Liability

10.1. We have designed this website for easy, smart and safer browsing. We apologize to you if you face any faults, errors or bugs while online ordering. PostPord is accessed every minute by any consumer for availing varied services that may make the site busy sometimes. Please maintain some patience when ordering online, you are our valued customer and we appreciate it.
10.2. By approving to the points as listed in these terms of use, you agree to relieve us from liabilities that may arise from any third party, restaurant.
10.3. You will be liable for any loss or damaged caused due to the products delivered. If we are accused liable for damages, then the liability will be limited to the amount paid for food.
10.4. We are not responsible for loss, damage, delay or error transferred to you or your computer via our website.
10.5. We are not liable for delays caused in delivering food due to natural calamities or failure arising from nature.
10.6. In an event, where same order has to be delivered to more than one customer, we would decide at the discretion which orders are to be placed and to what extent.
10.7. The products featured by us are offered by partner departmental stores and restaurants. We are not at all liable for any direct or indirect loss of third parties associated with us.
10.8. We maintain secured database of the information submitted by you when visiting our website. You cannot accuse us for misuse of your info, you approve our policy when accessing PostPord.
10.9. If PostPord finds or suspects any customer using irrelevant discount coupons or fraud vouchers then he/she will be immediately blocked. Moreover, such accused customers will be liable for compensation to PostPord.
10.10. Offers are related to PostPord's discretion and can be withdrawn without notice at any time.

Section 11: General

11.1. PostPord accepts all payments in Indian Currency (Rupees)
11.2. We modify/remove or add rights to these terms and conditions without your approval. We will notify about such change in the policy via email.
11.3. We may change the terms and conditions any time without notifying you.
11.4. Full payment is payable when ordering online through valid debit/credit card. Or paid as cash when an order gets delivered to you. Failure in payment may result in cancellation of the order.
11.5. Avoid using any automated system or program that seems connected to our website or functionality.
11.6. Avoid inappropriate modes of communication for online ordering and never use coupons provided by any unauthorized party. Do follow the communication modes offered by us and the coupons distributed by us.
11.7. We have framed terms of use, privacy policy and refund policy for the convenience of the customers. In the event of any conflict these policies will prevail.
11.8. In any occasion, our agreement is claimed to be invalid, the effective terms and conditions will be deleted and the agreement between you and us will further commence as it was earlier.
11.9. These terms of use will be governed under the accordance of India legislation. The parties also have to submit claims at the courts of Delhi, India.
11.10. All obligations arising from terms of use or agreement shall be governed by the higher court of Delhi. Hereby, both we and you consent to consult court to seek justice, if applicable.