Order, Pay, Cancel & Return


Customers can order food from the issued menu list on PostPord. For special requests, the specific conditions need to be described. In such case, please do notify us about your interest. We guarantee to deliver orders within the specified time.


Acceptable modes of transaction (net banking, credit cards and debit cards). In addition, we even appreciate card/cash on delivery.

Our nominated secured payment gateway collects all transactions done while ordering food through the certified payment gateway.

Customers must use their own debit/credit card for making payment for orders. PostPord will not be responsible for any debit/credit card frauds. The complete liability of the credit card is authorized with the customer, its illegal use is his own concern.

Your approve to compensate and keep PostPord indemnified along with its officials against any fraud, claim, action, demand, charges, liabilities and expenses. Such condition is applicable in an account when PostPord is sustained or suffered due to illegal uses of debit/credit card or transaction.

However, anything obstinate to the points mentioned above, the payment will be governed and applied to refund policy and cancellation.

Modification to Orders post payment:

The orders cannot be modified or changed in anyway, once the food order is made online and the transaction gets completed.

Cancellation Policy:

In the event you decide to cancel food order via phone for quoting the online order number, you are requested to immediately contact the associated restaurant or the central order placement contact number.

No cancellation fee will be applied, if the restaurant accepts the order cancellation request. The restaurant shall reject the cancellation in following cases:

• If the food to be delivered has been prepared
• Delivery order has already been dispatched
• Order is not cancelled

We don't refund any online order, which has been already dispatched. The orders made in advance are also subject to this policy.

The contract might be cancelled if the product in not available due to some reason. We will acknowledge the customers in such event and refund them the payment done while placing order.

Refund policy:

We refund the full payable amount within 14days, if the customer has notified the restaurant for cancelling the order and the order has been cancelled. The refund amount includes delivery charge (if applicable) that was paid for safe delivery of food/service.