Become A PostPord Shopper

Earn extra by helping us in managing day to day online food orders. We provide a wonderful opportunity to individuals, who love to do part time work. PostPord welcomes college students, housewives, professionals and people from varied phases of the society to join as a PostPord shopper.

Requirements For PostPord Shopper

  • Must own a vehicle (Car, Bike or Scooter)
  • Must possess a smartphone
  • Above 18yrs of age
  • Able to lift weights of 25lbs
  • Physically fit
  • Valid driving license
  • Satisfactory driving skills
  • Sound knowledge of native language
  • Auto insurance

What PostPord Shopper Do?

As a PostPord shopper you have to deliver the food orders, placed online by the customer. The PostPords mobile app notifies the shopper about nearby orders and as per his/her interest the delivery orders are allotted to shopper. For every delivery the shopper is paid handsome remuneration on per hour basis, which can match the salary of an executive, if shopper dedicatedly works as a freelancer for long duration.


PostPords shoppers earn Rs 150 to Rs 200 per hour, including 100% tip. This pay scale may vary from season to season as per the demand of the customers and special occasions. PostPord shoppers are paid weekly on the basis of the orders delivered.


Select your working hours! Drive or ride for PostPord whenever you feel to earn extra. In addition, as a PostPord shopper you are most welcome to work in our major operational areas in Delhi NCR – Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad and other prime locations.

Who Might Apply

PostPord shoppers are friendly natured people of Delhi from all walks of life. Some are professionals, college students, housewives and parents, who love to work as a freelancer to cater services to discreet customers and earn monetary benefit.

PostPord Shopper

Sign-up for a free shopper account at PostPord. Receive discount deals, special offers, attractive packages, free delivery coupons and cash back codes for ordering food online or reserve a table at restaurant.

Why to Become PostPord Shopper?

  • Opportunity for vehicle owners to work as a freelancer
  • Smart way to earn extra money by delivering orders
  • Work as per personal schedule or interest
  • Special discount to every shopper at PostPord
  • Choose area to serve in all major areas in Delhi
  • Great chance to work, learn and earn